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Notoweega Call to Council ---------------------------------------------------- CONFIDENTIAL


Kwe Brethren,


This letter is to inform you of our intentions to meet with all the current Nations and Tribes of Ohio in a Grand Council. March 13th and 14th in Waterford, Ohio. Attendance must be for the entire weekend.


Our agenda is to discuss an amalgamation of understanding and helpfulness, passing on Woodland Traditions, Culture and Government in an atmosphere of autonomy and co-operation.


As many of you know, Ohio Tribes have dreamed of, or tried for many years now to come together in a good way to advance our position as well as participation in the affairs that govern Native Peoples here in the State of Ohio.


Now, we have that opportunity to finally work together and to cast aside all the divisions that have kept us from meeting our goals in the past. By thinking traditionally and following the blueprint that was set down before us by our ancestors.


We are not a new organization, club or brand new inter-tribal council. The “Notoweega” is a pre-existing Confederation that dates all the way back to early 1700’s and even farther back in time as the “Anadatsa’s”. By showing Kinship and tribal connections, we can achieve the impossible. Self-determination is within our own ability.


As Head Sachem of the Notoweegoes, I urge all brethren to gather their Delegates, Headmen, Clan Mothers, Elders and Warriors to attend this Council. Here we can finally set policy and start our journey in a continuing way, so that our descendants may benefit from our efforts.


In confirmation of attendance we have:


Allegheny Lenape - Delaware
Blue Herron Clan – Seneca
Catawba - Saponi
Nottoway – Ohio Band
All Peoples Nation – Multi-Tribal
Notoweega Nation

Please RSVP


Tsunoetayakwai – Dancing Elk
Head Sachem Notoweega Nation


March 13th & 14th


Boy Scout Camp, Troop 222
Wolf Creek Reservation
Waterford, Ohio 45786


Camping is available as well as use of Log Cabin that sleeps 20.


Food will be provided for, although we urge everyone to bring something to add.


Directions – Follow signs posted as “Gathering”


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