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Choctaw tests new passport rule in Calais

Choctaw tests new passport rule in calais maine. For Friends in the North and South

August 5, 2014 at 12:42am


Bangor Daily News (Bangor, ME)


CALAIS - Although traffic flowed smoothly most of the morning as customs officials enforced the new requirement Monday for U.S. citizens to show passports or pass cards to re-enter the country, there was one glitch when an American Indian tried to make a statement that the new passport rules do not apply to Indians.

Lead Horse, a Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma, said Indians do not recognize the border.  The rest of the article has to be downloaded if you wish to read the article.

Although I said Chahta for the tribe I was associated with and Original people for all our people.  The bangor daily newspaper categorized our people as american indian or indians.  Our people are neither of the two mentioned in the article.   The Original people of the land have to realize that the foreign people who are not of our people or land want the Original people to use names they have tried to place upon the Original people. 

We do not call ourselves united states slaves or citizen.  Citizen means slave, we do not call ourselves americans or american indians, natives, indigenous, ab-original, indian americans and so on and so on.  Every tribe of people in the north has a name in the Original language for the people.  We are the Original people of the north and not a name made by a corporation to be used to describe our people to the foreign people.

Do not call yourself something you are not.  Use your language to describe yourself.

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