Wilmore (Male/Mail) MAYLE37 was born on 26 May 1714 in County of York England. He died about 1800 in VA. was the "Progenitor" and "Head man" of the "Maleys Clan" of Chestnut Ridge. Born and Christened in England he was married to Elizabeth Cockett. Wilmore and his family arrived in Maryland in 1768. From there they moved to Hampshire County by 1782 and married into the Norris Family and other known clans in the community. The Dortons, Newmans, Crostons, Harris, Canaday and other Familial Tribal names.

Our European ancestors are among the earliest western inhabitants of Turtle Island, United States. Thomas Mail is listed with The 1608, 2nd Virginia Charter, Jamestown. Family oral histories tell us that an ancestor was a British Admiral whom married an American Indian, of which tribe it is not known. This would explain why Wilmore's son, Wilmer Mail was listed as "Colored" on the "Revolutionary War Pension Rolls". Ignorance assumes, that at that time colored meant being of the African Race, however, colored only meant that the person was non-white. Many Indians for many years to come after were labeled as colored. We call this "Paper Genocide".

 Tableland Trails, 1963 volume2, issue4

Descendants of Wilmore Mail
Adam and Cassie Male with Family


Latter Day Saints

First United States Census

Tableland Trails, 1963 volume2, issue4

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