A Notoweega Sachem


Swanton's book, ca. 1748, "The Indians of the Southeastern United States" page 163, "Asaquah, the head beloved man of Nautaugue, Connewawtenty of Conneststageh and about sixty others of different towns of Natiwaga Nation (Nottaway) of Indians now in Keowee in the Cherokees." And "by a mixed party of Indians known as Notowega or Nittaweega, who fled into the Cherokee country for protection."

"The pramble to their 'talk' to Governor Glenn, written soon after their arrival, suggests that they were a mixed band of Iriquois, Savannah, and Conestoga."

Connewawtenty of Conneststageh, Notowega Chief, pg 91 Red Carolinians By Chapman James Milling

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